Bertrand Lamarche

Réplique (Baphomètre), 2008

Installation. Projecteur, réflecteur, moteur. Production La Galerie CAC, Noisy-le-Sec. Collection FRAC Centre-Val-de-Loire.

Réplique est une machine génératrice de formes organiques qui se meuvent entre éther hypnotique et entropie. Cette autogénération appa-raît comme une simulation des modèles mécanistes de la perception ou encore, une involution des membranes fluides, filaires algorithmiques, architecture liquide ou exploration génétique de la forme architecturale. Ou encore, cellules nerveuses d’un cerveau, magma inchoatif de formes matières,………

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Aitor Ortiz – Gorka Alda, Link.

Aitor Ortiz – Gorka Alda

Link, 2019

The urban regeneration of the industrial area of Zorrotzaurre, in Bilbao, has led to the recent relocation of the VICINAY chain factory after more than 60 years of activity.
This marine chain factory that has defined the urban landscape of the area, has produced, link after link, about 10,000 km of chains (the equiv-alent of the distance between the cities of Bilbao and Beijing). This has contributed decisively in the definition of a territory and the economic development of the area, generating wealth for four generations of fami-lies and creating a link…..

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Raymond Galle

A Ring of Salt

A l’embouchure du fleuve Rhône, est une terre plate ou l’industrie exploite le sel en grande quantité. L’ingénieur y a construit un système hydraulique d’amenée et de circulation d’eau de mer à l’intérieur d’un aménagement de salins ou la densité en sel va augmentant au fil des saisons jusqu’à atteindre son point culminant appelé cristallisation à l’entrée de l’été. Dans cette zone humide, insalubre et marécageuse où le moustique pullule, la mise en mouvement de cette industrie a nécessité la création de toute pièce d’un habitat ouvrier autonome. Cet ensemble technique et humain a pour finalité la production d’une utilité humaine appelée de nos jours…

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Raymond Galle, Piquets vus depuis Andromède, Les yeux de l’univers

Attila Csorgo, Squaring the circle, 2018

Attila Csörgo

Squaring the Circle, 2013
Platonic Love

In general it can be said that the geometric shapes are so much more than just the relationship between elements of sets of points, they have a lot of metaphorical charge. I used the idiom “squaring the circle” in a very definite sense: to attempt something that is impossible to achieve.  My vision was that it would be interesting if you had the shadow of a square in a form of a circle. It is natural that a circular object’s shadow is also circular or elliptical. But what other possibilities are there? Could it be…

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Pavel Büchler

Dialogo sopra i due massimi
sistemi del mondo, 2013

Büchler’s 2013 audio installation takes a brief passage from Galileo Galilei’s most infamous book, Dialogue Concerning the Two World Systems (1632), a fictional conversation among three protagonists who each represent a position within the scientific and philosophical opinions and disputes that surrounded astronomy and cosmology at the….

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Pavel Büchler,
Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo, 2013

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Little Sparta

Michael Jakob

Little Sparta

Little Sparta, the garden of Ian Hamilton Finlay, in Dunsyre, in the hills of the Scottish Pentlands, is the most complex garden work ever created during the 20th century. Finlay, who began his career in the field of concrete poetry, turned any corner of nature into a polysemic work of art. More than three hundred objects scattered in the garden tell, sometimes through a single key word, essential stories concerning the greatest…

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Liliane Lijn

Gravity’s dance, 2019

Gravity’s Dance evokes the multiple meanings of creation, the cosmic gyration of atomic particles, planets and entire galaxies. Spinning, the textile disc rises due to centrifugal…..

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Gravity’s Dance, 2019

Raphaël Dallaporta, GW181124, 2018

Raphaël Dallaporta

GW181124, 2018

GW181124 est une expérience menée par Raphaël Dallaporta, en collaboration avec les chercheurs EGO-Virgo et la complicité de Peter Wolf.
Revenu de sa première visite de Virgo : avec la question une action humaine peut-elle interagir avec un instrument aussi sensible ? Les réponses sont venues de l’interaction avec les chercheurs…

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Letizia Reuss de Maigret

What’s Nest?, 2019

Œil Horizon, 2019

Rat Codex, 2017-2019

What’s nest, 2019
Avec l’oeuvre What’s Nest ? l’artiste  explore la métaphore du trou noir, dans ses dimensions géométrique, métaphysique et psychologique, en s’appuyant sur la pensée philosophique d’Ernst Cassirer pour qui tout mythe est objectif et crée, comme…

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Letizia Reuss de Maigret, What’s Nest ?, 2019

Tomàs Saraceno, How to entangle the universe in a spider web?, 2018

Tomás Saraceno

How To Entangle The Universe In A Spider Web?
The politics of solar rhythms: Cosmic Levitation
Aerocene 1.3

How to Entangle the Universe in a Spider Web?, 2018

The universe is a vibrant superorganism, whose movements are, for the most part, cloaked in darkness. The matter we can see is only a small part of the whole. It is the self-assembling networks of dark matter whose meshwork of filaments provide the ground on which the large-scale structure of the universe is composed: a vast, vibrating ‘cosmic web’, resembling the complex spider/web whose name it borrows. Normal matter is gravitationally…

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Jol Thomson

A Borderline Conception Lying at the Extreme Edge of the World of Appearances

The multi-channel audio-visual composition A Borderline Conception Lying at the Extreme Edge of the World of Appearances was filmed with/in Siberia’s ancient fresh water Lake Baikal during the deployment of the Gigaton Volume Detector, a cubic kilometre scale neutrino observatory, a vast matrix-optical assemblage at a depth of 1.4 km beneath  the lake’s surface. As this lake becomes a telescope, and vice versa, Thomson investigates the unbound, non-scalar, entanglement of Nature, Technology and…..

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Jol Thomson, Embedding of large research infrastructures in the environment

Glass Works 2.0: Casting, Polishing, Coating or the Black Box of Black Holes

Arnaud Dubois

Glass Works 2.0: Casting, Polishing, Coating or the Black Box of Black Holes, 2019

“Glass Works 2.0: Casting, Polishing, Coating or the Black Box of Black Holes” is a research-based installation on the mirror of the Virgo interferometer. Arnaud Dubois conducted a multi-site ethnography (France, Germany, U.S.) to understand the collaboration between glass-makers and physicians in the work of gravitational….

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Istituto Nazionale di Fisica

Bending Space-Time

Modern physics has revealed an invisible landscape of our universe. Over the last century, physicists have observed particles and forms of radiation that make up the invisible, microscopic structure of the world around us, and identified the…..

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European Gravitational Observatory

A multi-messenger control room

Virgo and LIGO experiments changed the history of science twice: first, when they measured for the first time the gravitational waves in 2015, discovery that was awarded with the 2017 Nobel prize for physics, then, when, on August 17th, 2017, they were able to detect the signals produced by a binary neutron star. This kind of binary star, composed by….

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Virgo Mirrors

In order to construct a three or four kilometre interferometer we needed large mirrors and very pure materials, with industrial processes of a level that might have seemed like science fiction, at the time … But three points are particularly important:…..

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A Cosmic sofa

Of the order of 10.000 cosmic rays (muons) pass through our body every minute. They are another messenger from the Universe, studied e.g. at the Auger  High Energy Cosmic Ray Observatory in  Argentina. They bring  information not only about the Universe but also about the atmosphere covering us or the surrounding….

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Marconi nobel lecture

The Art and Science of constructing Electromagnetic antennas

After a few preliminary experiments with Hertzian waves I became convinced, that if these waves or similar waves could be reliably transmitted and received over considerable distances a new system of communication would become available possessing enormous advantages over flash-lights and optical methods, which are so much dependent for their success on the clearness of the atmosphere….

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Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937) and the birth of radio

Ersi Krouska

A cosmic Amphitheatre

“Do not disturb my circles,” said Archimedes to the Roman soldier, fully occupied as he was by a geometric figure he had traced on the sand, a phrase that led to his assassination by the brutal ignorant.  It is the same Archimedes who in his “Sand-Reckoner” sets up to determine the number of grains of sand that can fit into the heliocentric…..

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Ceramics 2019, Antonis Atsonios


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